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ew on line course
“Art Play Date”
A 24 week course with 24 great teachers
Pat Lentine
7234 Branchtree Dr.
Orlando, FL 32835

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Trimming the Tree
Ring Around the Rosie

In 2015 I will join with 11 other colored pencil artists teaching and sharing their love of the medium through online learning at the Colored Pencils Club.

In March I will be offering the colored pencil drawing "Cooling Off" with a written lesson and a video. Please join me for this lesson by subscribing HERE starting September 1, 2014.

A different artist will be featured monthly with a variety of subjects all rendered in colored pencil! So once you register HERE, you'll also have access to all the other artist's classes. This will be a year long course with one lesson each month for 12 months for the low cost of $110.00.

It is important to check back on this website as using the subscription link from here is how I get paid.Thank you.

I will also send out a newsletter on September 1 with a direct link to subscribe.

Below are some of the artists and projects.

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This is a new on line e-course that I am excited to be a part of. “Art Play Date” It is a 24 week course with 24 great teachers including me for only $99.00.
That is only $4.25 for each class.
The classes will start in May and will run for 24 weeks. Each week (for 24 weeks) you will receive a new class from a new teacher.
There will be unlimited access to every class until April 2015.

My link to sign up

You will get access to all teachers, but I get paid only for those who sign up using my link so please click on this link for more information and to sign up.



to my website. Here you will find instructional packets in acrylics and colored pencils through the easy online shopping cart.

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Pat Lentine - Florida

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